DARWIN (2012)

short facts:

Gedreht in Berlin/Brandenburg

Cast: Paul Wollin, Michael Deffert, Lilian Mazbouh, Fransika Nylen


Buch/Regie/Schnitt: Josefine Scheffler

Bildgestaltung: Lydia Richter

Producer: Grischa Sautter

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Fish Film Festival – Silber Medaille BJF

short synopsis:

DARWIN is an electrifing revenge driven story about Darwin and his father, an old Boxer that killed his wife 15 years ago in a rage. When Darwin gets to know that his father returned from prison, he sees his chance to settle his account with the past. As fighting is the only thing both men have shared, it willl as well be the way of Darwin`s vengeance. In this cat and mouse game Darwin will soon come to a point where he has to choose between right and wrong and decide how far he wants to go to come undone with the past and recreate the future.